IT Support Services

Onsite Support

No more wondering where your IT support team is. With QantaOnsite, you are assigned a highly experienced team of engineers dedicated to serving your business.

Your team of Qanta employees quickly become familiar with your company's needs. They know your business. They know your goals. Best of all, they know your IT infrastructure. Your team is available at all times to keep your IT system running at optimum levels - utilizing many of the best practices and efficiency tools available and developed in-house.

Your QantaOnsite team is a blend of IT engineers with various competencies to keep you up and running:
  • Technical Services Managers - responsible for overall technical quality of service on your behalf at all levels.
  • Primary Engineer - knows your business, knows you needs, becomes a familiar face around your company.
  • Secondary Engineer - supports primary engineering, so you are never without the technical assistance you need.
  • Engineering Team - a small group of engineers with diverse skill sets who meet regularly to review your IT results and future needs.
  • Account Manager - your ultimate coordinator of resources, communications, scheduling, billing and services.

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