IT Support Services

Remote Support

Forget everything you know about help desks. Let Qanta introduce you to our method of problem-solving that is truly extraordinary.

Our Remote Support Center is a unique remote issue resolution resource utilizing a multi tiered-support structure, state-of-the-art remote management tools, and a highly experienced, dedicated team of IT specialists. Your team of dedicated remote support engineers become familiar with both your infrastructure and your end-users to create an experience that is second to none.

Your Issue Is Immediately Directed To A Specific Expert

With Qanta's unique three-tiered support, all issues are initially assessed by the Qanta RSC incident management team, and are rapidly directed to the proper tier for immediate action.

Tier 1 - End User Support
  • Spyware / Virus
  • Common Workstation Applications
  • Mobile device issues
  • Workstation Disk Cleanup & Error Resolution
  • Printer Issues
Tier 2 - Network and Server Support
  • Exchange
  • Routers and Firewalls
  • Backups
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Domain Controllers
  • Remote Access
  • Mobile Devices
Tier 3 - Specialist Support
  • Linux / Unix
  • Cisco
  • Blackberry
  • UPS/Power Issues
  • Server Down or Disk Error
  • Advanced Networking Infrastructure
  • Advanced Microsoft

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