Qanta is well aware that your server data is the cornerstone of your business. We also understand that catastrophes ranging from hardware failure to storms, fires, or floods can strike at any time. To protect your most valuable business asset, Qanta has developed a comprehensive suite of Online Data Vaulting solutions that safeguard your data and help ensure your business security.

Server data requires special consideration. The nature, volume, and volatility of the information housed on network servers necessitates a solution suitable for the enterprise but priced to fit a small to mid sized IT budget. Qanta Online Data Vaulting is that solution, with all the features required to make sure that your data is completely available when you need it most.

Various Business Needs, Various Levels of Vaulting

Qanta understands that each business model is different. So our Online Data Vaulting is offered with options to accommodate a variety of business sizes and needs. Clients who want to know that their critical server data is safe enjoy our Economy Vaulting solution. Many of our clients however desire a level of server data retention and recovery that can only be met by leveraging our Advanced Vaulting solution. For these clients compliance with regulatory standards or other unique needs drive their vaulting requirements, and no matter what the need Qanta delivers the exact solution required by the client and their budget.

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