QSecure Achieves Complete IT Protection

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Benefit From Our Comprehensive Package Of IT Protection

QSecure is an entire suite of IT services administered by proven experts 24/7. It combines best-of-breed enterprise class software tools with the broad knowledge and experience of Qanta's Network Operations Center to monitor, proactively manage, and resolve issues within your IT infrastructure.

Managed Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware:
  • Centrally managed enterprise edition AVG Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware
  • Definitions are updated on workstations and servers immediately
  • Prescheduled virus and spyware sweeps ward off problems
  • Managed remote troubleshooting and issue resolution
  • Includes all associated licensing fees
Managed Anti-Spam:
  • Dramatically reduces SPAM
  • Triple filter email virus protection
  • SPAM Quarantine reports
  • Email spooling during Internet outage
  • Web based email access during outages for new email
Managed Server's:
  • SLA driven availability and uptime guarentee
  • System performance and utilization (CPU, Memory, Disk)
  • Business critical function availability (Exchange, SQL, IIS, Specific process/application)
  • Server alert condition and sever event log monitoring
  • Automated Patching
Managed Desktops & Workstations:
  • Patches approved and deployed from Qanta's Network Operations Center
  • Scheduled patch releases to assure timely deployment
  • Guarantees patches are comprehensively and successfully deployed
  • Automated Patching
Managed Network:
  • SLA driven availability and uptime guarentee
  • Unified cCommunications Infrastructure
  • Gateway level enterprise call firewall and VPN support.
  • Load balancer for multiple internet uplinks.
Managed Backup:
  • Hybrid Onsite/Offsite Backup Solution
  • Tracking of back-up success, failure and completed with exceptions
  • Fully integrated solution provides all the backup your business needs
  • Real time compression & encryption of data being stored offsite

No Other IT Solution Protects You As Fully As QSecure. Contact Us Today