Sometimes all you really want is a robust solution you can easily use yourself to make sure your data is safe. Sometimes all you really want is Qanta Online Backup.

With the increasing mobility of today's workforce and the affordable access to almost limitless amounts of workstation storage what you need is a solution that can back up your user data that is literally all over the world. Qanta Online Backup does just that, and it's a solution that is built to be affordable for every business.

Anywhere You Roam, Stay Protected

Have you ever wished you could have the version of the presentation, as it was the day before yesterday? The day before you flew halfway around the world with only the latest copy on your laptop? With Qanta Online Backup you can quickly recover the version you wish you had, and you can do it yourself from the comfort of your hotel room.

With an intuitive user interface, and settings that can be customized to meet your business needs, Qanta Online Backup is a workstation solution that functions the way you would expect an enterprise application to. Delivered to your people in data volume increments that make sense and at prices that are as low as $1 / GB this is one IT tool that should be in every company's toolkit.

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