Network Health Assessment

Regular check-ups are an excellent idea for all of us. They're great for your IT network, as well. To accommodate this important aspect of network management, Qanta offers a comprehensive review of your entire technology infrastructure.

Plot A Safer Course To IT Success

The overall objective of our Network Health Assessment (NHA) is to create a roadmap and align your business goals and the technology required to meet those goals. The NHA is a 4-6 week exercise from start to finish, with a senior Qanta engineer overseeing the entire process and presenting the findings.

A Qanta Network Health Assessment analyzes:
  • Network Servers
  • Workstations
  • Back-Up
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware
  • Email, Messaging
  • Printers
  • Remote Access, Home Use
  • Infrastructure, Security, Power Supply
  • Network Management, Maintenance, Monitoring

The result is a comprehensive, company-specific overview that prioritizes the many ways to maintain and improve your technology infrastructure.

Understand your network's health status now - and establish a plan for the future. Contact Us Today