Business Continuity Planning

Thinking About The Unthinkable? IT Interruption, IT Loss

You hope you will never have to face it, but smart companies know they must address IT disaster issues before they strike. That's why many Qanta clients sign on for our comprehensive Business Continuity Planning program - each tailored to their specific business needs.

Business Continuity Planning: A Highly Detailed Collaboration

Designed exclusively by Qanta, this multi-faceted program helps preserve your businesses ability to recover following power outages, power spikes, server loss, fire, flooding, Acts of God - disasters of any kind that could critically impact your business for hours, days, weeks, or even months.

Depending on the level of engagement, Qanta can recover data, replace hardware, set up a satellite data center, relocate key personnel, help move your entire office. Whatever it takes, the Qanta Business Continuity Plan delivers.

Benefit Highlights of Business Continuity Planning:
  • Business Restoration and Functionality - Qanta makes sure your core servers are up in running in record time.
  • Insurance and Compliance Benefits - you're covered - many companies require a business disruption plan as part of their policies.
  • Advanced Planning - disasters of all kinds are planned for in advance with Qanta so you are ready to immediately react if they occur.
  • Risk identification - critical business processes, points of failure, and other risk areas are identified and contingency plans are established for each.
  • Standardization Of Emergency Procedures - you get a fully documented action plan that a technical staffer can implement as needed.

Don't Delay : Schedule a 5-Session Business Continuity Planning analysis with Qanta -- and concentrate on business success, not system failure. Contact Us Today